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Return /Refund Policy

The (FOR.PARTS) platform allows you to return products within (two days) from the date of receiving the order if the product is returnable as shown below. Non-returnable products cannot be returned under any circumstances. The product will not be accepted as a returned product until the customer is notified of his acceptance of the product return.

Depending on your location, it may take up to a week for the product to reach the seller upon return. Once the product reaches the supplier, it takes a study, evaluation and processing of the return process by the buyer (3). After processing the return of the products, it may take (30-45) business days to credit the refund amount to your credit card account or e-wallet, or we will contact you to determine the method we deem appropriate in the case of cash payment. The amount of the refund depends on the condition of the returned product and according to the provider's policy. Only returnable products are subject to the following conditions:


The product is defective in the following cases:

·         Lack of safety requirements in products for normal use.

·         Non-conformity with the specifications and characteristics announced by the provider.

·         Failure to achieve the declared level of performance or quality in the products.

·         The existence of a defect or deficiency in the products, or their unsuitability for use according to what they were prepared for.

·         In cases where it appears to the buyer from the external appearance of the package that it is defective, the buyer must not open the package and return it with its package without opening it. In the event that the package is opened, despite the outward appearance of the package indicating a defect in the package, the return of the product will be refused without the approval of the supplier.

·         In the event of a defect in the product based on the cases described above without an external defect in the product packaging, the buyer must return the product with the original packaging, information booklet and all accessories of the product.

·         If the supplier is unable to return the product due to the defect in the product after the product has been consumed, the supplier is obligated to pay the buyer an amount equal to the value of the damage, unless the buyer agrees to correct the defect that led to a defect in the product.

General conditions that apply to all returns

The buyer communicates with the supplier regarding the return process, so that coordination between the supplier and the buyer takes place, and the product is retrieved from the buyer and delivered to the supplier, and the supplier has the right to refuse to return the products that do not comply with the return conditions referred to above. The buyer is not entitled to a refund if the product is not returnable.

Product pick up and delivery policy:

1. When returning any product, the buyer must put it in its original packaging, and the supplier has the right to refuse to return to the absence of the original packaging.

2. The buyer shall bear the costs and charges of delivery in all stages.

Replaced or repaired products or parts will only be shipped to addresses located inside Jordan, and refunds will only be given to accounts located inside Jordan.


Attention: Please always keep the original product packaging to ensure that you get the return service according to the terms and conditions of some suppliers.


Please contact customer service at +96265564680 for more information on returning an item.